Meet Our Models – Murphy & Courtney

One of the best parts of running our small shop is finding other people that share the same love for their pets that we do. When we choose a model, we do not take that decision lightly – and constantly look for that bond that shines through between dog + human. This guy is quite the looker and seems to be quite the sweetheart as well, and we knew that Murph and his family would be the perfect addition to our team. Read all about Mr. March, Murphy below! 

Tell us about the person behind the camera!
Murphy’s mom Courtney is the lady behind the lens. I am a 25-year-old Public Relations professional and freelance journalist who has always had a passion for photography. Murph is my pride and joy so taking gorgeous pictures of him on a regular basis comes very easily.  

Dogs always teach us something – what has Murphy taught you?
Murphy has taught us the true meaning of companionship, love and responsibility. With no children of our own, Murphy is often the center of attention in our household and brings an immeasurable amount of joy and happiness to our lives on a daily basis. He has never met a person he doesn't love, and can turn anyone’s frown upside down.

Do you have any funny stories about Murphy?
One of my favorite Murphy stories is from our wedding day. We got married at a mountain top resort in Vermont and of course Murphy was the highlight of the entire ceremony. But the best part was right after we had said our vows and went in for our first kiss as husband and wife when Murphy, who had been quiet and laying down most of the ceremony, got up started barking with excitement and ran over to us. The entire audience followed suit and started clapping, laughing and cheering us on as a newly married family. It was such a beautiful moment and we were so happy to have him be a part of our special day.

What is your favorite thing to do as a pair?
Hiking all over the back woods of Vermont is our absolutely favorite pastime. Whether it is exploring the muddy spring trails, hiking to a cool lake or river in the summer, taking in some foliage in the fall or adventuring the snow covered mountains in the winter months, we simply can not get enough of the great outdoors. It gives us quality family time, keeps us all happy, active and healthy, and frequently allows us to meet some new friends along the way!

We LOVE Bernese Mountain Dogs – what made you choose that breed?
We knew getting a dog was a big responsibility so we waited several years before making the commitment, which left us lots of time for researching breeds. Knowing we wanted a larger dog, we had always been in love with the beautiful black, brown and white markings of Bernese Mountain Dogs, as well as their general kind and loving nature. Living in Vermont we are avid outdoors people, so having a dog that would enjoy long hikes and snowy weather was a must. Murphy has been the perfect addition to our family and we cannot wait to some day add another!

What is Murphy's favorite toy or treat?
Despite having nearly 50 different unique toys, Murphy’s favorite thing to play with is rocks and balls. He loves chasing them and pushing them around with his snout. Anything round is sure to keep him entertained for hours. As for favorite treat…anything with peanut butter because…DUH!

If we named a bandana after Murphy, what would it look like?
A dog can only hope and dream of getting a gorgeous Wild Wear Pets bandana named after him, but if we were able to design the perfect bandana to reflect his style I would picture it having a fun color pattern of multiple shades of light and dark/forest green representing the woods, mountains and greenery of Vermont. The reversible backside would include a white and gray snow-like design representing the winter months, which are Murphy’s absolute favorite!

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